Supporting Open Science - OpenAIRE-Advance gets underway


At the kick-off meeting of the OpenAIRE-Advance project, the fourth phase of the OpenAIRE project, which took place from 17 to 19 January in Athens, over 50 project partners came together to discuss how OpenAIRE can continue to successfully support the European Commission's Open Access/Open Data mandate both in Europe and throughout the world.
The aims of this new project phase are to consolidate and optimise existing services; to empower the pan-European Open Science Helpdesk; to strengthen the uptake of Open Science principles in research communities via cooperation with research infrastructure nodes such as DARIAH-DE; to support developments in the area of "next generation" repositories; and to build a global Open Science network by collaborating with partners worldwide to align standards, policies, and services.
OpenAIRE-Advance also aims the reach out to tomorrow's scientists via a citizen science initiative in cooperation with a network of 10,000 schools, and to bring OpenAIRE closer to industry by means of an Open Innovation programme.
And finally, OpenAIRE-Advance aims to work together with the EOSC-hub project, which also got underway recently, to create a portfolio of networked and interoperable services to better serve the needs of tomorrow's researchers and to make OpenAIRE into a reliable pillar of the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC).
Despite a number of innovations in the fourth project phase, the existing infrastructure will be sustained and several new services and tools will be added. The pan-European network of 34 National Open Access Desks (NOADs) will also remain available to help those seeking advice on questions relating to Open Science.

Contact persons

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Paolo Manghi - Technical Director (
Najla Rettberg - Network Manager (

National Open Access Desk Germany

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