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2012-07-20 08:28

Open Access in Horizon 2020


At a press conference on 17 July 2012,  European Commission Vice-President for the Digital Agenda Neelie Kroes and Máire Geoghegan-Quinn, European Commissioner for Research and Innovation, announced that the Commission would make open access to scientific publications a general principle of Horizon 2020, the EU's research and innovation funding programme for 2014 to 2020. From 2014 onwards, all articles produced with funding from Horizon 2020 must be made openly accessible no later than six months after publication, or twelve months in the case of articles in the social sciences and humanities. This will make it easier for researchers and businesses to use the results of publicly funded research, thereby boosting the EU's innovation capacity and improving the return on its annual  €87 billion investment in R&D.

The Commission has also recommended that the Member States implement similar provisions with regard to the results of research funded under their national programmes. The goal is for 60% of publicly funded research results to be openly accessible by 2016.

Scientific data: open access to research results will boost Europe's innovation capacity