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2012-07-16 22:19

Perspektive Bibliothek: New Open Access Journal in Library and Information Sector


Perspektive Bibliothek is a new OA journal in the library and information sector in which trainee academic librarians from the Bavarian Library Academy can publish their work. The first issue features two articles on imparting information competence in a target-group-specific way as well as contributions on the Semantic Web and Linked Open Data, the portrayal of libraries in film, Exlibris, the DFG and JISC, change management, and archive material/archive laws.

Because the contributions are, for the most part, general overview articles, they are ideal reading for librarians and information professionals seeking a compact information on a particular theme. The editors provide information on forthcoming issues and other news via RSS-Feed, Newsletter, Twitter (@PerspektiveBib) and Facebook.


Link to Perspektive Bibliothek