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2009-10-13 07:22

DFG expands support for Open Access


The German Research Foundation (DFG) is expanding its support for Open Access publishing. In future, universities may apply to the DFG for funds to finance their scholars' and scientists' publications in genuinely Open Access journals.
Commenting on the decision of the DFG Joint Committee, the organisation's President Professor Matthias Kleiner said "This new funding instrument is a response to requests from many scholars and scientists for more financial assistance with the publication fees charged by Open Access journals .“

The DFG's new funding instrument will provide an incentive for universities to develop reliable and sustainable financing structures for publications in OA journals. Moreover, scholars and scientists will be motivated to intensify their efforts to follow the so-called golden road to Open Access. The new measure is also likely to encourage publishers to include more Open Access journals in their portfolio or to convert existing journals to Open Access.

Source: Idw