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2012-05-03 19:24

UK saves £28 million through Open Access


Open Access to scholarly research findings offers considerable benefits. This is the conclusion reached by two reports prepared by the UK Open Access Implementation Group on the benefits to the public sector and to the voluntary and charitable sector of Open Access to scholarly research.

The report on the benefits to the public sector found that subscriptions, and the time spent searching for relevant articles, cost the UK public purse some £135 million a year. Savings accruing from the availability of Open Access journal articles amount to £28.6 million (approx. 35 million euros). Each additional 5% of journal articles available via Open Access would save the public sector  £1.7 million a year, even if no subscription fees were saved.  

The reports also underline the fact that both the UK public sector and the voluntary and charitable sector would derive further direct and indirect benefits from Open Access to published scholarly research. The surveys conducted within the framework of the studies revealed that the greatest barriers to the use of scholarly research are time and money. Open Access would overcome these barriers.


Source: JISC - Public sector saves £28 million through open access, but much greater rewards to come, says report