2010-03-11 10:55

'Dahlem Workshop Reports': selected titles to be openly accessible

2010 startet die Reihe „Dahlem Workshop Reports“ der Dahlem Konferenzen® an der Freien Universität Berlin ein innovatives Projekt für eine Verbindung von Open Access mit verlegerischer Betreuung.


2010 will see the beginning of a new series, the 'Dahlem Workshop Reports' of the  Dahlem Conferences® at the Freie Universitaet Berlin. This is an innovative project that will combine Open Access with publisher support.


The Freie Universitaet Berlin and the scholarly publishing house De Gruyter have concluded an agreement on the publication of the results of the renowned Dahlem Conferences®. From 2010 onwards, the series will appear twice yearly under the title  'Dahlem Workshop Reports'. The first volume is due to be published in summer of this year. Selected titles will be offered on an Open Access basis with publisher support. Thus, at the same time as they appear in print-book form, an e-book version will be made freely available to all users via

Source: press release

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