Digital Strategy for Thuringia


The Ministry of Economic Affairs, Science and Digital Society of the German federal state of Thuringia has presented a "Strategy for the Digital Society," which addresses the challenges of digital transformation.
These challenges include Open Access (addressed in point 4.3, Digital Transformation at Universities), which will be promoted with four measures:

  1.  A call for scholars and scientists to publish more of their works in open access media and to consistently avail of the secondary publication rights arising from section 38 (4) of the German Copyright Act (UrhG)
  2. The provision of information and advice by Open Access officers at university library centres
  3. The intensification of cooperation between universities in the areas of electronic publishing and Open Access within the framework of the cooperation network of Thuringian university libraries, with the Digital Library of Thuringia (DBT) as a common platform
  4. Regular monitoring of publishing behaviour from 2019 onwards

With the publication of the policy paper, Thuringia joins the ranks of the federal states that have adopted Open Science strategies (Baden-Württemberg, Berlin, Hamburg) or Open Access strategies (Schleswig-Holstein).