National Open Access Contact Point for Germany (OA2020-DE) established


The Alliance of Science Organisations in Germany has established a “National Open Access Contact Point (OA2020-DE)” for Germany in the framework of the Priority Initiative “Digital Information”. The aim of the project is to create the prerequisites for a broad implementation of the conversion of scholarly journals to Open Access, as pursued at a global level by the OA2020 initiative. The focus will be on converting existing subscription-based e-journals to an OA-based business model. Here, there are overlaps with the DEAL project, which is also funded by the Alliance.
The OA2020-DE project is headed by Bielefeld University Library and the Central Library of Forschungszentrum (Research Centre) Jülich, with the support of a project group. As part of an emerging international network of national Open Access Contact Points, OA2020-DE will cooperate closely with German higher education institutions, non-university research institutions, consortia, and publishers.
A website and social media channels for active, dialogue-oriented exchanges on the subject of conversion to OA are available at