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  • Rechtswissenschaft

    , besides essays and case-law, they include didactic articles and cases for practice purposes. Journal of Intellectual Property, Information Technology and E-Commerce Law (JIPITEC). This is one of [...] (Länder), whose state laws are also freely accessible online, e.g. the state...

  • Bibliotheken

    scientific and scholarly content into providers of publications. Support for OA journal start-ups Even though operating your own platform for the purpose of running an OA journal (e.g., with

  • Mathematik

    freely accessible online, even when the current volumes are not OA. The moving wall model is frequently employed here: for a certain period (e.g. five years) after publication, access is fee-based, after

  • Wirtschaftswissenschaften

    area of book publications, hybrid publishing (i.e. works published simultaneously in print and online) is on the increase, with the major international publishers Springer, Wiley, and Taylor&Francis leading the way. At campus level, the use of the e-book versions is growing. By contrast, books that...

  • Open Access bei Forschungsdaten

    towards e-science can be found here. Collaborators are linked via data sharing as users and suppliers of data, and the data are stored in data centres or databases that are often networked or clustered [...] research work by enabling secondary analyses to be conducted The extensive...

  • Geschlechterforschung

    Reproductive Health Revista Latino-Americana de Geografia e Gênero Disciplinary repositories The same difficulties that are encountered with the disciplinary

  • Geowissenschaften

    geosciences are, of course, particularly useful for direct searches. They include: Earthprints , Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia EPIC , Alfred Wegener Institute, Helmholtz Centre [...] articles can, of course, be searched at any time via the discipline-specific...

  • Philosophie

    (Portugal). English, Portugese Erasmus Journal for Philosophy and Economics . (Netherlands). English E-Logos - Electronic Journal for Philosophy (Czech Republic).Czech, English Ergo, an

  • Informationswissenschaft

    repositories The server INFODATA-eDepot operated by the Informationszentrum für Informationswissenschaft und -praxis Potsdam can be regarded as a German-language disciplinary repository in information science. Internationally, the eprints in library & information sciences (e-Li...

  • Lebenswissenschaften

    entirely on this field. The founding of the online journal eLife, which is edited by the Nobel prize winner Randy Shekman, also aroused great interest. Open Access journals As of June 2018 [...] : Academic Journals Bentham Open BMJ Open BioMed Central ...