DEAL negotiations with Elsevier suspended


The Alliance of Science Organisations in Germany has suspended its negotiations with the publishing house Elsevier, which had been going on for several months. The President of the German Rectors' Conference, Prof. Dr Horst Hippler, who is the lead negotiator and the spokesperson of the DEAL Project Steering Committee, justified the decision with the excessive demands put forward by the publisher.

Hippler went on to say that the consortium wanted a sustainable "publish and read model," that is, the payment of a fair publication fee for articles, which would then be freely available for readers. However, with regard to a nationwide agreement for Germany based on this model, Elsevier was still unwilling to offer terms in accordance with the principles of open access that met the needs of the scientific community and were financially sustainable.

According to the German Rectors' Conference press release, appropriate provisions have been made in case Elsevier cuts off access for those institutions that no longer have agreements.

In the DEAL project, the Alliance of German Science Organisations is negotiating nationwide licensing agreements for electronic journals from major scholarly publishers.