IAT study reveals that established science structures obstruct Open Access


Traditional evaluation criteria do not do justice to electronic publications


Innovative forms of publishing which afford free access to knowledge via the Internet are currently being considerably obstructed by established structures of the science system. No conclusions with regard to the quality of a journal can be drawn from the form in which it appears - be it print, electronic or both - or from the fact that it is toll access or free of charge. Therefore, the traditional forms of quality control for scholarly journals should be called into question and adapted to the possibilities which the new media offer. These are the conclusions arrived at by researchers at the Institute for Work and Technology (IAT), Gelsenkirchen University of Applied Sciences) who are currently investigating barriers to Open Access.


Extract from the press release issued by the Institute for Work and Technology,  Gelsenkirchen University of Applied Sciences on 1 April 2009


Weishaupt, Karin (2009). Freier Zugang und Qualitaet – kein Widerspruch! (Free access and quality - not a contradiction!) Etablierte Strukturen des Wissenschaftssystems behindern die Durchsetzung von Open Access (Established structures of the science system obstruct the implementation of Open Access). Internet document. Gelsenkirchen: Institute for Work and Technology. Forschung Aktuell, no. 04/2009