Open-Access-related events

Date Event Venue
27.-29.09.2021 Open Access Days 2021 Bern
23.-25.06.2021 Liber Conference 2021 Online
21.-23.06.2021 FAIR Festival 2021 Online
18.06.2021 Digital Day 2021 Online
15.-18.06.2021 German Library Days 2021 Bremen
02.06.2021 ORCID DE Workshop: „ORCID within publication and information infrastructure“ Online
31.05.-03.06.2021 Open Repositories 2021 Stellenbosch
24.-27.05.2021 43rd Annual Meeting: Society for Scholarly Publishing Online
10.-14.05.2021 Library Publishing Virtual Forum Online
04.05.2021 OpenAIRE Legal Policy Webinar Online
29.04.2021 OpenAIRE Legal Policy Webinar Online
20.-22.04.2021 RDA 17th Plenary Meeting Online
26.03.2021 2nd Federal Congress of library policies Berlin online
23.-24.03.2021 5th VIVO-Workshop Online
16.-18.03.2021 Open Access Staff Week at SUB Göttingen Göttingen online
16.-17.03.2021 German Data Science Days Munich
16.03.3021 FID Geo: Open Access journal transformation of the geosciences-oriented Fachgesellschaften Online
15.03.2021 E-Books: Scandal or Market Economics? Online
12.03.2021 2nd DFG online Seminar: „Open-Access-Publikationskosten“ Online
08.03.2021 International and national copyright policy action for OA Online
06.03.2021 2nd Open Educational Ressources Conference Luzern
06.03.2021 Open Data Day 2021 Online
05.03.2021 Green Means Go: Depositing Your Lesson Plan into an Institutional Repository Online
04.-05.03.2021 E-Science Days 2021: Share Your Research Data Heidelberg online
04.03.2021 Webinar: Why open or FAIR data is crucial to support scientific research in academia and industry Online
02.03.2021 Kick-Off - The Future of DeepGreen: recent successes and new aims Online
02.03.2021 Open Research: A Vision for the Future Online
01.-05.03.2021 Open Education Week 2021 Online
26.02.2021 How Can Libraries Help Keep Open Science Infrastructure Free and Independent? Online
25.02.2021 Train-the-Trainer-Workshop for universities with a small amount of Open Access Online
25.02.2021 Open Access Talk: Zweitveröffentlichungsrecht for researchers Online
25.02.2021 Reimagining Academic Career Assessment: Stories of innovation and change Online
24.02.2021 Open Book Metadata Online
23.02.2021 Workshop: Kerndatensatz Forschung - publications Online
22.-26.02.2021 RDA DE 2021 Conference Online
22.02.2021 FID Geo: Open Access activities of Fachgesellschaften beside a journal transformation Online
17.-19.02.2021 8th Open Science Conference Online
17.02.2021 Open-source Community Call: The latest developments in open publishing and research communication Online
17.02.2021 Digital Winter School 2021 - How to handle RDM in a ‘FAIR’ way? Hildesheim online
16.02.2021 Barcamp Open Science 2021 Online
16.02.2021 Open Educational Resources (OER) for university teaching, part 2 Hamburg Online
16.02.2021 Online-Workshop: Working together on Open Access training materials Online
16.02.2021 OpenAIRE virtual coffee break Online
15.-26.02.2021 RISIS Online School on Tools and methods for analysing complex Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) systems Online
11.02.2021 Open Data in EU projects Online
11.02.2021 National Open Science Festival NL Online
10.02.2021 Practical Steps Towards Open and Reproducible Research Online
10.02.2021 Introduction into Horizon Europe Online
09.-11.02.2021 Open Research Week 2021 GB Online
09.02.2021 Research Data & Open Access - how to publish your data Online
09.02.2021 Academic library work meets sustainable development Online
08.-12.02.2021 International Conference Bibliographic Control in the Digital Ecosystem Firenze online
08.-12.02.2021 Love Data Week 2021 Online
08.-09.02.2021 Virtual Unconference on Open Scholarship Practices in Education Research Online
08.02.2021 Open Access and Institutional Repositories: the RepositóriUM Use Case Online
08.02.2021 National kick-off event "Horizon Europe" Online
04.02.2021 Implementers meeting - COAR notification model for repositories and peer review Online
02.02.2021 Open Educational Resources (OER) for university teaching, part 1 Hamburg Online
29.01.2021 FAIR services & infrastructure: Proposing an assessment framework for FAIR-enabling data services Online
28.01.2021 The Comics Grid Webinar Series - Live Chats on Comics Scholarship Online
28.01.2021 Open Access Talk: Open Access Basics: How to Publish and What to Consider? Online
27.01.2021 PIDapalooza Conference Online
21.01.2021 Libraries and OER: The present and the future Online
21.01.2021 Open Science in transport: Challenges and opportunities in a Covid-19 Era Online
20.01.2021 Description of Research Data with DataCite – practical help for interoperable metadata Online
20.01.2021 KoWi-Online-Seminar „Ready 4 Horizon Europe“ Online'
18.01.2021 German-Dutch dialogue on the future of libraries: Sustainability and libraries – agenda 2030 Online
14.01.2021 Open Science Barcamp Online
14.01.2021 Train-the-Trainer-Workshop for Fachinformationsdienste Online
13.01.2021 Workshop: XArchiv - Automatization and standardization in digital archiving Online
12.-13.01.2021 Conference: Academic Publishing in Europe Berlin online
08.01.2021 MIT: Is it in the Public Domain? 2021 Intellectual Property Speaker Series Online
16.12.2020 Lecture: Corona and Open Science: The quality of science and the claim for quick research results 'Hamburg online'
14.-16.12.2020 JROST 2020 Conference 'Online'
14.12.2020 Introduction to Open Science Framework 'Online'
10.12.2020 Virtual Conference on: Open access, preprints and research impact 'Online'
10.12.2020 Joint Workshop with Fachinformationsdienst für internationale und interdisziplinäre Rechtsforschung: Open Access and the change of publishing cultures in legal sciences 'Online'
09.-10.12.2020 OpenAire Workshop: University approaches to Citizen Science 'Online'
09.12.2020 Coffee Lectures Research Data Management 'Heidelberg online'
08.12.2020 Visualizing Altmetric data with VOSviewer 'Online'
08.12.2020 boOkmArks/Open Conversations About OA Books. The KU Leuven Fund for Fair Open Access 'Leuven online'
07.12.2020 Open Science and Scholarship: The Role of Libraries, University Presses, and Faculty 'Online'
04.12.2020 Open-Access-Publikationskosten. DFG funding program from 2021 onwards 'Online'
03.-04.12.2020 AIMOS 2020 Conference 'Online'
02.12.2020 OpenAire virtual coffee break 'Online'
02.12.2020 Lecture: The economy of scientific publishing: Who will pay for Open-Access- transformation? 'Hamburg online'
02.12.2020 4. ORCID DE Workshop 'Online'
02.12.2020 Joint Workshop with Hochschule für Technik, Wirtschaft und Kultur Leipzig: Introduction to Open Access and copyright law 'Leipzig online'
26.11.2020 Evaluate the quality of Open-Access-Journals - Where should one publish and where should one rahter not? 'Online'
26.11.2020 digiS annual conference 'Online'
25.11.2020 Joint Workshop with Technische Hochschule Ostwestfalen-Lippe: Introduction to Open Access and copyright law 'Lemgo online'
24.11.2020 Forschungsdatenmanagement im Kontext des digitalen Wandels der Wissenschaften 'Online'
18.-19.11.2020 15th Munin Conference on Scholarly Publishing 'Online'
17.11.2020 Joint Workshop with Technische Hochschule Cologne: Introduction to Open Access and copyright law 'Cologne online'
16.-19.11.2020 EOSChub, FREYA, SSHOC Conference: Realising the European Open Science Cloud 'Amsterdam online'
16.-18.11.2020 EAHIL Conference 2020: Be open. Act together. 'Online'
12.11.2020 Train-the-Trainer-Workshop for Universities of Applied Sciences 'Online'
04.11.2020 Joint Workshop with SRH Hochschule Heidelberg: Introduction to Open Access and copyright law 'Heidelberg online'
04.11.2020 EIFL: Info share: Open Access and publishing 'Online'
02.-04.11.2020 OPERAS Conference 'Online'
29.10.2020 Joint Workshop with Hochschule Munich: Introduction to Open Access and copyright law 'Munich online'
29.10.2020 Plan S and funding - what is going to change? 'Online'
19.-25.10.2020 Open Access Week 2020 'Worldwide'
19.-22.10.2020 EOSC Symposium 2020 'Online'
12.-16.10.2020 OpenAIRE Week 'Online'
08.10.2020 Joint Workshop with Hochschule Dusseldorf: Introduction to Open Access and copyright law 'Dusseldorf'
29.09.2020 Joint Workshop with Hochschule Hannover: Introduction to Open Access and copyright law 'Hannover online'
22.-24.09.2020 OASPA annual conference 'Online'
15.-17.09.2020 Open Access Days 2020 'Bielefeld online'
14.09.2020 Joint Workshop with Hochschule Kaiserslautern: Introduction to Open Access and copyright law 'Kaiserslautern online'
11.05.2020 Cooperative Non-APC Publishing Models 'Worldwide'
02.-03.03.2020 Open Science Days 2020 'Berlin'
22.-23.10.2019 21. International Conference on Grey Literature (GL21) 'Hannover'
21.-27.10.2019 Open Access Week 2019 'Worldwide'
30.09.-02.10.2019 Open Access Tage 2019 'Hannover'
24.-26.09.2019 OASPA annual conference 'Copenhagen'
16-18.09.2019 Synergies for Sustainable, Open & Responsible Research 'Porto'
16.09.2019 Kooperations- und Lizenzmodelle rund um DEAL, Open Access und klassische Subskription 'Munich'
09.09.2019 1st Basel Sustainable Publishing Forum 'Basel'
02.-06.09.2019 Eurotech Summer School Open Science in Practice 'Lausanne'
19.-21.06.2019 Open Science - its impact and potential as a driver for radical change 'Geneva'
14.06.2019 The role of Biomedical libraries in the context of Open Access 'Madrid'
12.06.2019 H2020 Open Science policies 'Worldwide'
10.06.2019 Open Repositories 2019 'Hamburg'
19.-20.03.2019 International Open Science Conference 2019 'Berlin'
18.-21.03.2019 7. Bibliothekskongress 'Leipzig'
12.03.2019 Making sense of Open Science jungle - Optimizing your use of Open Science services 'Helsinki'
26.-27.02.2019 Sustainable non-APC publishing models Workshop 'Bielefeld'
22.-28.10.2018 Open Access Week 2018 'Worldwide'
24.-26.09.2018 Open Access Tage 2018 'Graz'
13.-14.03.2018 International Open Science Conference 2018 'Berlin'
26.-30.07.2017 Open Repositories 2017 Conference 'Brisbane'
20.-21.02.2017 Workshop "Der Kerndatensatz Forschung - und nun? Nutzen, Grenzen und Umsetzungsstrategien des Kerndatensatz Forschung und von Forschungsinformationssystemen" 'Berlin'
28.-29.11.2016 Eighteenth International Conference on Grey Literature: Leveraging Diversity in Grey Literature 'Manhattan'
14.-18.10.2016 2016 Annual Meeting of the Association for Information Science and Technology 'Copenhagen'
10.-11.10.2016 Open Access Tage 2016 'Munich'
03.-06.10.2016 13th International Conference on Digital Preservation 'Bern'
21.-22.09.2016 8th Conference on Open Access Scholarly Publishing (COASP) 'Westin Arlington Gateway'
14.-16.09.2016 Forschungsdaten in den Geisteswissenschaften (FORGE 2016) 'Hamburg'
12.-15.09.2016 SEMANTiCS 2016 - The Linked Data Conference 'Leipzig'
09.09.2016 First International Workshop on Reproducible Open Science (RepScience 2016) 'Hannover'
11.-13.07.2016 19th International Symposium on Electronic Theses and Dissertations 'Lille'
19.-23.06.2016 Joint Conference on Digital Libraries 2016: Big Libraries, Big Data, Big Innovation 'Newark'
14.-16.06.2016 WissKom2016. Der Schritt zurück als Schritt nach vorn - Macht der Siegeszug des Open Access Bibliotheken arbeitslos? 'Jülich'
13.-16.06.2016 Open Repositories Conference 2016 'Dublin'
07.-09.06.2016 20. International Conference on Electronic Publishing (Elpub) 2016: Positioning and Power in Academic Publishing: Players, Agents and Agendas 'Göttingen'
18.-20.05.2016 CeDEM16, International Conference for E-Democracy and Open Government 2016 'Krems'