Open Access Events

Date Event Venue
11.05.2020 Cooperative Non-APC Publishing Models Worldwide
02.-03.03.2020 Open Science Days 2020 Berlin
22.-23.10.2019 21. International Conference on Grey Literature (GL21) Hannover
21.-27.10.2019 Open Access Week 2019 Worldwide
30.9.-2.10.2019 Open Access Tage 2019 Hannover
24.-26.09.2019 OASPA annual conference Copenhagen
16.9-18.09.2019 Synergies for Sustainable, Open & Responsible Research Porto
16.9.2019 Kooperations- und Lizenzmodelle rund um DEAL, Open Access und klassische Subskription Munich
9.9.2019 1st Basel Sustainable Publishing Forum Basel
2.9.-6.9.2019 Eurotech Summer School Open Science in Practice Lausanne
19.-21.6.2019 Open Science - its impact and potential as a driver for radical change Geneva
14.6.2019 The role of Biomedical libraries in the context of Open Access Madrid
12.6.2019 OpenAIRE webinar: H2020 Open Science policies Worldwide
10.6.2019 Open Repositories 2019 Hamburg
19.-20.3.2019 International Open Science Conference 2019 Berlin
18.-21.3.2019 7. Bibliothekskongress Leipzig
12.3.2019 Making sense of Open Science jungle - Optimizing your use of Open Science services Helsinki
26.-27.2.2019 Sustainable non-APC publishing models Workshop Bielefeld
22.-28.10.2018 Open Access Week 2018 Worldwide
24.-26.9.2018 Open Access Tage 2018 Graz
13.-14.3.2018 International Open Science Conference 2018 Berlin
26.-30.7.2017 Open Repositories 2017 Conference Brisbane, Australia
20.-21.2.2017 Workshop "Der Kerndatensatz Forschung - und nun? Nutzen, Grenzen und Umsetzungsstrategien des Kerndatensatz Forschung und von Forschungsinformationssystemen" Berlin, Germany
28.-29.11.2016 Eighteenth International Conference on Grey Literature: Leveraging Diversity in Grey Literature Manhattan, NY, USA
14.-18.10.2016 2016 Annual Meeting of the Association for Information Science and Technology Copenhagen, Denmark
10.-11.10.2016 Open Access Tage 2016 Munich, Germany14.-16.9.2016
3.-6.10.2016 13th International Conference on Digital Preservation Bern, Switzerland
21.-22.9.2016 8th Conference on Open Access Scholarly Publishing (COASP) Westin Arlington Gateway, Virginia, USA
14.-16.9.2016 Forschungsdaten in den Geisteswissenschaften (FORGE 2016) Hamburg, Germany
12.-15.9.2016 SEMANTiCS 2016 - The Linked Data Conference Leipzig, Germany
9.9.2016 First International Workshop on Reproducible Open Science (RepScience 2016) Hannover, Germany
11.-13.7.2016 19th International Symposium on Electronic Theses and Dissertations Lille, France
19.-23.6.2016 Joint Conference on Digital Libraries 2016: Big Libraries, Big Data, Big Innovation Newark, NJ, USA
14.-16.6.2016 WissKom2016. Der Schritt zurück als Schritt nach vorn - Macht der Siegeszug des Open Access Bibliotheken arbeitslos? Jülich, Germany
13.-16.6.2016 Open Repositories Conference 2016 Dublin, Ireland
7.-9.6.2016 20. International Conference on Electronic Publishing (Elpub) 2016: Positioning and Power in Academic Publishing: Players, Agents and Agendas Göttingen, Germany
18.-20.5.2016 CeDEM16, International Conference for E-Democracy and Open Government 2016 Krems, Austria