Can't We Have more Open Access in Engineering?

Online workshop on 9 June 2021 with discussions and exchange of experiences on the status quo and perspectives of Open Access in the engineering sciences

As part of the project, the Open Access Bureau Berlin (OABB) and the Mobility and Transport Research Information Service FID move invite you to a free workshop on 9 June 2021 at 11 a.m. called All Lights on Green or Can't we Have More - How Do we Support the Expansion of Open Access in Engineering? (translation of the German title). The workshop is aimed primarily at staff in academic libraries as well as subject specialist librarians and multipliers for scientific publishing in engineering. The aim of the event is to facilitate discussions and the exchange of experiences on Open Access in engineering. At the same time, the format offers the participants an opportunity for networking.

The percentage of OA in the engineering sciences still leaves considerable room for improvement. This is due, among other things, to the strong practical and economy-focussed orientation, but also to the lack of attractive OA publication options. Moreover, research results are often published in economy-oriented journals, which are often financed by advertising. This makes it difficult to find and access this knowledge. One approach to solving this problem has so far been the so-called green open access, i.e. open access secondary publication. 

All Lights on Green or Can't we Have More? "A lot more, we believe, and therefore we would like to start a discussion on the example of transport engineering and the associated research fields," say the organisers. In the first part of the workshop, guest speakers will give presentations on the perspectives of OA from the perspective of research institutions, companies and libraries. In the second part of the event, all participants will have the opportunity to discuss with information experts about the needs and development possibilities of open access in engineering. One focus will be on improving the conditions for open access in the technonology-oriented discipline of transport research. The aim is to initiate an exchange of experiences with other colleagues in order to identify concrete measures and to get to know potential partners.

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