German Archaeological Institute (DAI) launches the platform iDAI.publications

On the iDAI.publications platform, DAI journals and monographs that are available in digital form will be published in open access. In future, newly released journals and monographs will be accessible online there. The platform currently features the journals Arch├Ąologischer Anzeiger, Chiron, and e-Forschungsberichte.

DAI publications undergo peer review by international referees. In addition, all articles and book publications are scientifically edited. The DAI's declared aim is to disseminate in the most unrestricted way possible the results of its research work and the knowledge that is generated in the course of its projects. The institute committed itself to this aim as far back as 2013, when it signed the Berlin Declaration on Open Access to Knowledge in the Sciences and Humanities.

Website of the platform iDAI.publications