In the pursuit of Open Science

Claudio Aspesi, independent consultant, and Amy Brand, director of MIT Press, publish an article in "Science" Magazine about future developments in the field of Open Science and predict a turning point. The authors see - for example in the international Open Access funding strategy "Plan S" - indications that OA publications could become the standard in the sciences in the next few years. At the same time, they point out possible dangers in the developments: For the academic community, the increasing participation of large scientific publishers in data analysis, hosting and portal services is particularly worrying. This could improve the ability of publishers to retain institutional customers through combined offerings that require open access to journals when purchasing other services. Even if such "bundled" arrangements had the short-term advantage of increasing open-licensed grants, they could run counter to the long-term interests of the academic community by reducing competition and diversity of service offerings. However, the academic community can only function if the global marketplace for data analysis and knowledge infrastructure is kept open to genuine competition.
(Original article in "Science" Magazine)