Open Access publishing platform PUBLISSO goes Open Source

ZB MED makes infrastructure for publishing life science publications freely available to institutions

The ZB MED - Information Centre for Life Sciences is now making it’s open access publishing platform PUBLISSO system available as open source software for download free of charge. The offer is aimed at all interested scientific institutions, research institutes, university libraries and similar organisations that are looking for publication software to manage their publications. ZB MED extends this offer with services such as editorial support for life science publications as well as interdisciplinary hosting and maintenance of the system, including long-term archiving of the content. Individual extensions to the functionality and layout shall be possible by arrangement.

The publishing solution PUBLISSO System is based on the PUBLISSO Gold platform, which provides an infrastructure for life science publications. With the new infrastructure, the software can now be used for publications from all scientific fields. PUBLISSO works on the basis of the Drupal content management system, which has been used by ZB MED since 2015 and, according to the company, it is continuously being developed to meet demand. "In short, the PUBLISSO - Platform Gold serves to simplify publication processes," said Prof. Dr. Ursula Arning, head of Open Science at ZB MED, explaining the service. "PUBLISSO is a single-source publishing system. The entire publication process, from submission to management of the review process to publication, takes place within the system. So the text is entered once and the further steps are virtually from a single source."

The Information Centre for Life Sciences explains the functionality of the program on its website: "The PUBLISSO software is a web-based publishing solution for publishing various text formats: Journals, series, so-called Living Handbooks and, in the future, conference papers. Currently, the publication system works HTML-based and additionally generates a PDF, soon XML-based publishing will also be possible. In addition to the publication of texts, the connection to the PUBLISSO – Life Sciences repository also allows the parallel publication of the corresponding research data from the field of life sciences. By default, a Digital Object Identifier (DOI) is assigned for all publication types. In addition, it is possible to version individual articles if required: Outdated articles can be updated and modified without much additional effort. They then go through the review process again and result in a new publication."

The first partner to use the PUBLISSO system with hosting and maintenance by ZB MED is the University Library of TU Dortmund.