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Third workshop by focusing on "Open Access Officers at Universities and other Higher Education Institutions - Multipliers for Open Science"

On 25 February 2021, the project organised a one-day train-the-trainer workshop in an online format together with representatives of universities and higher education institutions from all over Germany. In addition to the acquisition of didactic knowledge, the focus of the workshop series is on networking and community building. For more information on the content and goals of the format, please visit our website.

In the course of one day, 15 representatives from libraries and the departments of research funding, science dialogue, etc. exchanged views on current goals and tasks in the implementation of OA at their institutions. In small groups and in plenary discussions, the participants developed an understanding of their own role profile as well as of the possibilities regarding how to reach different target groups. Through the use of surveys or by working together on a digital whiteboard, areas relevant to OA were addressed, including transformation models or operating a repository. "Uncovering similar problems in group work is the key experience that makes the workshop so valuable. The exchange of ideas and experiences strengthens the collective spirit of an OA community immensely," says organiser Linda Martin, a staff member in the project and at Bielefeld University Library. "The participants brought in their own expertise, their own experiences as librarians and scientists and made this an intensive and valuable training," says Martin.

The presentation (ppt) of the third train-the-trainer workshop can be found on Zenodo.

The next event in the series will take place on 15 April 2021. Its target group is non-university research institutions. The one-day online event aims at OA officers and professional groups who are in direct contact with scientists and users or who support the scientific publication process. The focus is on imparting training methods and didactic knowledge in order to convey OA information in a way that is appropriate for the respective target group. In addition, the workshop aims at raising the participants' awareness for Open Access.
If you wish to participate, please follow the link to register.

If you have any questions or requests regarding the train-the-trainer workshops, please contact us at info(at)