"Open with Purpose": Open Access Week against exclusion and discrimination

The international event makes the strengthening of equality, diversity and integration in open sciences this year's theme

The Advisory Committee of the International Open Access Week 2020 has announced the title and theme of this year's event: "Open with Purpose: Taking Action to Build Structural Equity and Inclusion". This is the third time in a row that those responsible have focused on equal rights and integration in the Open Community. In doing so, the organizers would like to point out not only the opportunities offered by openness as an effective instrument for building just systems of knowledge exchange, but also the dangers: Structural racism, discrimination and exclusion are present and persistent in places where openness is a central value. For the global Open Access community, the Committee believes it is important to understand that contemporary systems and spaces are often built on the legacies of historical injustice. It is necessary to address these injustices.  

At this year's meeting, the Community is expected to take a step further, moving from discussion to commitment in the fight for diversity, equality and inclusion. The aim is to make openness the standard for research and ensure that justice is at the heart of it. At the same time, the committee is calling for active efforts to fight for justice beyond Open Access Week - for example, through discussion events.

Open Access Week 2020 will take place from 19 to 25 October. For more information and this year's programme click here.