"Openness" one of the current DINI theses on the digitalisation of research and teaching

With its "Thesen zur Informations- und Kommunikationsinfrastruktur der Zukunft" [Theses on the Information and Communication Infrastructure of the Future], the German Initiative for Network Information (DINI) has presented a new position paper on the digitalisation of research and teaching.

On the basis of the four fields of action "Digital Transformation", "Openness", "Research", and "Teaching and Learning", the DINI theses describe key challenges for scholarly libraries, media centres, and data centres. The position paper demonstrates fields of action and ways of efficiently designing services for research and teaching with innovative information and communication technologies. It targets management level at scientific institutions and science policy makers.

Ten years ago, DINI first published theses on the design of the information and communication structure at universities and non-university institutions. These theses have now been updated against the background of societal and technological developments.

DINI is a trans-regional collaboration between scholarly libraries, media centres, data centres, and scholarly societies in research and teaching in Germany. It acts as a partner for universities and non-university research institutions in the further development of information infrastructures.
Theses on the Information and Communication Infrastructure of the Future: dx.doi.org/10.18452/19126
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