Secondary Publishing Wiley Articles in the Field of Economics via EconStor

Open Access Transformation in Economics: Cooperation between DeepGreen and the ZBW

Since the beginning of the cooperation between the DeepGreen project and the ZBW – Leibniz-Informationszentrum Wirtschaft (Leibniz Information Centre for Economics), articles in economics published by Wiley have been automatically published secondarily in the subject repository EconStor. Since 2021, 585 subject-relevant articles from selected journals that are involved in the Wiley-DEAL contract have already been successfully delivered to EconStor, a service of the ZBW.

So far, beyond DeepGreen, there is no other data hub in Europe that has managed to expand the circle of its data consumers beyond institutional repositories. EconStor is one of three subject repositories that benefits from DeepGreen. The integration of subject repositories offers advantages to all parties involved - publishers gain a wider reach for their publications, authors gain more visibility and users experience an increase in proportion of freely available articles in their discipline.

"The inclusion of relevant articles published under our contract with Project DEAL increases their visibility," explains Dr. Guido F. Herrmann, Managing Director and Vice President, Wiley-VCH GmbH. "We are pleased to see that subject-relevant articles that are involved in the Wiley-DEAL will now also be made available via EconStor," says Olaf Siegert, Head of the Publication Services Department at the ZBW. "This underlines the role of repositories as publication venues for scientific institutions in ensuring the progress of the Open Access transformation."

The DeepGreen project aims to deliver full texts and metadata of scientific publications to institutional and subject-specific OA repositories in an automated way, thereby promoting the OA transformation in Germany.  In June 2021, DeepGreen plans to launch with eight publishers, 60 institutional and three subject-specific repositories in a pilot operation. In two years, the organisational-legal foundations for the regular operation of the national OA service are to be laid.

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