12th Open-Access-Tage: Varieties of Open Access

Dear colleagues,

The 12th annual Open-Access-Tage (Open Access Days) takes place in Graz, Austria from the 24th-26th September 2018. The conference will be hosted by Graz University of Technology (Technische Universität Graz) in cooperation with the open-access.net information platform. The theme for this year's Open Access Days is "Varieties of Open Access".

The Open-Access-Tage, with 300-400 participants, is the central annual conference on the subject of Open Access in the german-speaking world. It is of interest to all who are engaged with the possibilities, conditions and perspectives of scholarly publishing, including library staff and other research infrastructures, as well as researchers and research support staff.

In addition to submissions for presentations and a poster session, we will also again run two novel formats for participation successfully introduced last year: our Tool Marketplace and spontaneous sessions.

The main language for the Open-Access-Tage 2018 is German, but contributions in English are also very welcome.



We invite you to submit presentations of maximum 15 minutes. The selected presentations shall be grouped thematically into moderated sessions by the Programme Committee. Each session will last 90 minutes and contain 3 presentations. We emphasise the importance of including plenty of time for discussion and audience participation.

We especially invite submissions on the following topics:

  • Where does Green Open Access stand today?
  • Open Access in the context of Open Science
  • Open Educational Resources

Submissions on other Open Access themes are of course welcome.

Please submit your abstract (maximum 300 words) and upload a short biography of the involved personnel as PDF.

Please submit your contributions here. The deadline is 2nd May 2018 [deadline extended].

Sessions und Workshops

We also welcome submissions for practically-oriented workshops. These should aim to cover a specific, concrete topic and last 90 minutes. Thematically-grouped presentations can be submitted as Sessions (maximum 3 individual presentations with a maximum duration of 15 minutes each, leaving 45 minutes for discussion). For this we ask you to please submit abstracts for the individual presentations as well as for the proposed session. The proposed individual presentations and the overall session proposal will be reviewed separately by the Programme Committee.

A single presentation (NOT the whole session):

- Abstract of maximum 300 words

- Biographical details of the involved personnel (as PDF upload)

Overall session:

- Abstract of maximum 300 words as summary of the individual presentations

- Abstracts for the individual presentations + biographical details of the involved personnel (as PDF upload)

Please submit your contributions here. The deadline is 2nd May 2018 [deadline extended].



Posters are valued conference contributions, allowing new research results or Open Access projects to be showcased. Poster authors will have the chance to present their posters in a dedicated poster session. Poster authors should be present during the conference to discuss their posters with other participants.

Submissions for posters will also be subject to review and selection by the Programme Committee. Review will be based on both the content and its clear display in poster format (i.e., clear structure, significance, readability, innovative application). During the Open-Access-Tage an award for the best poster will be made.

All contributions submitted before the deadline will be reviewed by the Programme Committee. If selected, posters must be made available under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) license. We ask you to clarify any legal issues with meeting this requirement in advance.

Please upload your completed poster (no abstracts) as a file (DIN A0, PDF-format).

Please submit your contributions here. The deadline is 9nd July 2018 [deadline extended].

Tool Marketplace

Like last year, the Open-Access-Tage 2018 will include a demo session for software applications (Open Source will be given priority) with a relationship to Open Access.

For submissions to the Tool Marketplace, the following details should be provided:

  • Description of the tool
  • Link to a working version (or prototype) of the application (where possible)
  • Details of the software license(s)
  • Details of the relationship of the submitting person to the software presented
  • Details of specific technical requirements, e.g., internet connection via LAN cable.

Please submit an abstract with maximum 300 words. The abstract must contain a link to the project.

Please submit your contributions here. The deadline is 9nd July 2018 [deadline extended].


Spontaneous Sessions

The Spontaneous Sessions at the Open Access Days follow a method also known as "Birds of a Feather" and offer an opportunity to organise spontaneous meetings on current topics and developments within the conference. The Spontaneous Sessions are open to all participants of the Open Access Days as part of the official programme.

Since the number of rooms is limited, there is a formal procedure for the allocation of rooms. For this, the following information must be provided via the conference software Conftool:

  • Name of the session
  • Name of the organizing person
  • Email address to contact her/him during the conference
  • Topic and description of the session
  • Time specification with 2 alternative dates according to the program grid
  • Required room equipment (e.g. beamer, flipchart)
  • Minimum and maximum number of participants

Registration lists will be posted for all entries. A maximum of four spontaneous sessions can be held per slot. The dates will be allocated according to the order in which they are submitted. In case of overbooking of dates, sessions submitted later will be postponed to the indicated alternative dates.

Proposals for morning sessions should be submitted no later than the evening before, proposals for afternoon sessions before the lunch break.

Information about the upcoming sessions and the rooms allocated will be posted on the notice board, the website and Twitter.

Entries can be submitted online from 17 September 2018 until the evening of 25 September 2018.

OA Week knowledge exchange

Many institutions take part in Open Access week each year with various actions and events. This year, we would like to provide a space for the exchange of experiences regarding OA week: which ideas were successful? Which less so? Which activities could be taken up at other institutions? What lessons have you learned? How can we maximise the visibility of OA week?

We invite Open Access Days participants who would be interested to report their own experiences and activities, or to bring examples of publicity materials. If you would like to do so, please contact Anja.Oberlaender(at)uni-konstanz.de



There will be a dedicated exhibition area for the presentation of products and services. If interested, please contact oat2018(at)tugraz.at.


Please submit your contributions here.



02.05.2018 Presentations, Sessions and Workshops [deadline extended]

02.07.2018 Posters and Tool Marketplace