Open Access journals

The Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ) currently lists more than 150 OA journals under the search term "archaeology" (as of July 2019). In addition to these newly founded journals, further journals are being retrodigitized and are available in Open Access. New issues appear simultaneously in print and online or with a time delay (moving wall) of a few years.


Providing the technical infrastructure for the publication of an Open Access journal is one of the services provided by Heidelberg University Library for the specialized information service Propylaeum. The service is aimed at scholars of classical studies worldwide. Currently (as of July 2019) 31 OA journals are made available via Propylaeum.

The platform iDAI.publications of the German Archaeological Institute DAI publishes digitally available journals (and monographs) from its own institute, e.g. "Archäologischer Anzeiger", "Chiron" and "e-Forschungsberichte".


Open Access monographs

Propylaeum eBOOKS is Propylaeum's open access publication platform provided by Heidelberg University Library for scientific e-books from the fields of Egyptology, Ancient History, Byzantine Studies, Classical Archaeology, Classical Philology, Medieval and Neo-Latin Philology and Pre- and Early History. Both first publications (gold road) and second publications (green road) are published. The free service is aimed at scholars of Classical Studies worldwide. The open source software Open Monograph Press (OMP) of the Public Knowledge Project (PKP) is used.

Open Access research data

  • Edition Topoi, Collections
  • Research Data at Propylaeum. In addition to the option of archiving data in the respective institutional research data repositories, Propylaeum allows long-term archiving of research data belonging to Open Access publications published there.
  • Research Data at IANUS. IANUS is a national research data centre for Archaeology and Classical Studies in Germany, which is currently under construction.

Disciplinary repositories

Propylaeum DOK. At Propylaeum DOK, scholars of Classical Studies have the option of publishing subject-specific online publications (monographs, articles, lectures etc.) from the field of Classical Studies free of charge and without access restrictions. It is also possible and desirable to provide electronic second publications of already printed publications. Propylaeum DOK contains about 4,350 OA publications (as of July 2019).

Key players

  • Propylaeum, Dr Maria Effinger, Heidelberg University Library
  • Deutsche Gesellschaft für Ur- und Frühgeschichte, Dr Frank Siegmund